What would happen if turtles shells were made of marshmellows. Would they float to the surface, or just be angry because there sticky all the time.

What would happen if goldfish swam with cheeseburger intensions

What would you do if cheese burgers started eating us

Why would you want to choose one question to answer, when you could answer them all

Perhaps the moon will shine so bright our eye lids will burn off, then what would you do

Or possibly everything that is green turned orange, would it be as healthy

What if bed monsters left their beds and started hitting the streets

What if cows could run as fast as lightening, could you still tip them

Why would a small pot be more functional then a medium sized pot

Could you still breath if the air was jello

Why would you want to dance in the rain, when you could dance on sandy beaches

What would happen if hula hoops were ovals

Why should I stop asking questions

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s'mores would no longer be considered a delicious treat, but more of a horrible act of animal cruelty.

Sneaking into a nearby cheeseburger nest, I would capture the whole lot of baby cheeseburgers, and start a strict training program which would eventually enable me to start up the worlds first Cheeseburger rescue unit.

Because if I chose the question to answer, I wouldn't be getting anywhere else but the answer which would not have much to do with all the other questions, which would in turn eventually turn the questioned answer in question into an essentially and unavoidably unanswerable question thereby being in turn the answer to the beginning question

find an eyelid doctor who hopefully had a degree in moonilluminology as well.

semantically speaking, yes.

I guess they would be street monsters then, however, the nature of being under the bed would always be at the back of monsters mind, eating away at its resolve to stick to the streets. Yet in the distance it could always hear, or imagined it heard, the sweet gentle calling of its old bed. Until finally one day, being able to stand it no longer, the street monster returned to the call of the bed, only to find the bed was no longer there. A small cafe that served a delicious fruit salad with the small breakfast they specialized in stood in its stead. After hanging out at the Cafe for a few weeks off an on, the street monster was offered a part time job, which it accepted gladly. And eventually, after proving its worth, could afford a bed of its very own.

The lack of tipping would be the least of our concerns. If cows took over the lightnings job, think of the soaring cost of milk products!

everything is more functional then a medium sized pot.

absolutely. If air was jello for always, our lungs would be adapted jello lungs, conditioned to breath jello efficiently and responsibly.

cutting out the middle man always has benefits.

Thomas Hula inventor of the hula hoop would be no where near as rich and famous.

Most excellent I cannot deny. These answers have just created the most magnificent night for me. But what would occur if snakes were made of soft pasta shells, while living in the murky waters.
Snakes would avoid murky waters at all cost. No self respecting snake wants to turn into soft pasta shells.
I wonder what would it would taste like... murky water pasta shells...hmmm



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