Great site! I'm enjoying it in a big way, but wondering if you'll ever open up to writers as well as visual and audio artists?

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We are open to every form of art work, right now we are still in a beta period of the website and trying to build a proper forum for poems, and other forms of written work, we hope that the personal blogs will work in the meantime. Hope you enjoy the site and if you know of any way we can make it more appealing to writers feel free to send you advice. Thanks
ace. good to know. thanks guys.
cool. thanks!
mostly looking for a connection to other writers and creating opportunities to collaborate. forums n s*** (also really dig admiring the artwork)
keep it UP guys. you're doing good things!
We're trying this to some extent at, but finding it difficult to lure people. is seemingly succeeding at it. Like all social media, one can't really wait for a group to show up in order to join. Make the group, start making materials, and it might blow up.

I'd be up for a really good literature space myself.
thanks! i checked it out and i'm in; it looks interesting.
Yeah Everett, get something on the go for us hired pens.
Yeah, that'd be great!
hey if I started to upload a bunch of rants, could you comment on them? Even if its just a little rant continuity. Mayhap we can start this writters disscussion.
go for it dude. i'm game.
Thought of responding to this earlier however being new myself I thought I'd read awhile first.
The answer to that old question is ART is ART. Creation is the result of response to a catalyst and words are as alive as paint or music.
Bring it on. has a great site for writers. been on there for years, myself.
You know, in my off time I have actually tried my hand at short story writing again. As soon as there is a forum for written work I would jump on that. Good idea.

I'm also curious if you can add a section for bear attack tips? I think it would be a good public service.



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